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Trip to Japan: details
374·7/29/2023, 3:51 PM

Hi-hi! Today I would like to write about my plan for the trip to Japan that is going to take place shortly.

To start with, my work vacation, and my trip, will start on August 3rd and end on August 18th. In order to get to Japan, I will be also need to enter another country just to board on an airplane.

Go to another country to Fly to yet another country

My airplane will be departing from the Tashkent International Airport, situated just 100km away from here.

But wait, isn't Tashkent in Uzbekistan, and not Kazakhstan? That's right, and more than that, it's a pretty large hub for international air travels, and in some cases you might find yourself here waiting for your transfer.

My city, on the other hand, only has a tiny airport that only flies to other Kazakhstan cities, to Moscow, and at best, to Turkey. This fact, and that Tashkent is relatively close to this city, makes it a viable option to avoid having to do intermediate stops on the airplane travel. In fact, I will have no stops at all! 

When I first searched for airplane tickets in spring this year, the only viable options that were available would include a transfer to another airplane in Seoul, which would make the flight a lot longer, however, starting from July this year, Uzbekistan Airways opened direct flights, and I assume many travelers from Russia itself are happy too, as there is finally a better way to travel to Japan for those still residing there.

Commuting to the airport

Anyway, what's more important is that I would need to use taxi to actually reach the border, after which I would need to pass the border on foot, and then take a taxi/bus straight to the airport. It's not as easy as some commutes people have to their airports, but it could be worse I guess! The only thing that is concerning is the border control itself, and that it would be pretty hot outside at day as always.

Doesn't surprise me anymore, I guess… (temperature in Celsius)

The flight itself should be around 7 hours long, and 9 hours long when I return. That's how the Earth spins I guess. The airplane itself will be an all-new Boeing 787, out of all airplanes.

How many years old??? It still feels like it was presented yesterday, but I guess it's 14 years old now…

Banner image is some random photo by Frans Sellies from Uzbekistan, got from Getty Images