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Day 2: Very Tall Tower and Digimon
8/22/2023, 8:29:07 PM UTC

Heyo! Sorry for a very late post compared to my day 1, things were really crazy! Additionally, it appeared that uploading...

Day 1: I kinda overdid it...
8/5/2023, 2:26:16 PM UTC

Initially, I thought I would be the first person from the entire airplane to pass the border control, as very little people...

Day 0 of my Japan trip
8/4/2023, 2:41:45 PM UTC

Hello everyone! These past 36 hours where absolutely crazy and fun for me. I'm truely physically tired, I need sleep, and...

Trip to Japan: places and activities
7/30/2023, 6:59:05 PM UTC

Hello again! I'm here again to tell about my planned places and activities that I'll be attending in Japan.

But before I...

Trip to Japan: details
7/29/2023, 3:51:36 PM UTC

Hi-hi! Today I would like to write about my plan for the trip to Japan that is going to take place shortly.

To start with,...

The state of Ruzik
7/28/2023, 7:47:40 PM UTC

Hey there again! Just wanted to catch up on things that are happening with me now, and that will happen fairly soon. 🍊


Ruzik.Blog is officially out!
7/28/2023, 3:59:56 PM UTC

Hey there! I am glad you took your time to check my blog 😄

I have been working hard on this website. Initially, it was...

Ruru fanarts!
7/24/2023, 11:02:20 PM UTC

Hey there! I would like to share the latest fanarts my character Ruru has received!

The first one is by @AnnaAbramek, while...