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Day 2: Very Tall Tower and Digimon
355·8/22/2023, 8:29 PM

Heyo! Sorry for a very late post compared to my day 1, things were really crazy! Additionally, it appeared that uploading files to my blog deemed a difficult task, as the Internet connection latency between my server and Japan was pretty bad. I am back home now, so I will update you on every (or almost every) day of my journey!

As it's always with hotels, sleep went great, however I would need someone to explain why air conditioner blows right into your bed no matter how you set it. Anyway, there is a small malaysian restaurant which serves breakfast for those staying in the hotel. I won't go there anymore lol. After being disappointed with the food, I decided to go to a japanese McDonalds at Tokyo Skytree for some pancakes and just because I haven't had any mcdonalds for a year lol

Pancake morning!

Russian pancakes are better, really. That being said, these pancakes are pretty good too, so i had a good time 😄 McDonalds itself is nothing too special, and it was pretty filled on a Saturday morning. Actually, right around McDonalds there was some sort of a vtuber or boy idol-inspired cafe? It sure had a big queue, and I forgot to take a photo of it.

I didn't go up the Skytree, however. Instead, I decided to look around the mall, as Skytree also appears to be filled with all kinds of shops, booths and cafes. There were some interesting things, but I refrained from buying anything yet, again. There was, as well, a Pokemon Center and a Kirby Cafe, which I didn't expect to see, but the PokeCenter required a reservation time, and I decided against waiting for it.

Tourists with big bags are gonna like the Skytree shopping mall lol

So, I decided to search for a bit more obscure things, like actual Digimon merchandise, as I like them a lot as well 😄 The first website I stumbled upon told me to go to Toei Animation Museum which also has a merch shop, so, I spent around an hour getting around trains, and arrived at Oizumi-gakuen station, which by itself seems to have something to do with anime (probably because of Toei Animation itself).

Somewhere far from Tokyo center

Walking to the museum from the station, I encountered some quiet neighbourhoods which are just so nice… I love them so much. Also I saw a temple and a sudden robotics club on my way there.

I love sidetracking (also looking at house rental prices whereever I go)

As for the museum… I have to admit, I am not a great anime watcher, and most of the items presented in the museum were completely unknown to me. The Digimon stuff were in a small corner of the museum and wasn't that interesting either. I guess it's just too new to be there lol.

The shop in front of the museum though… that one had a lot of Digimon stuff! And I finally made my first big purchase


lmao this iced tea sucks

After the museum, I wandered around more, and even went to a local BOOK-OFF secondhand store, which had lots of vinyl records, books, videogames, sometimes consoles, clothes and other stuff. It's just cool looking around there, but you better look for videos of other people visiting it, I didn't take photos much.

there's gonna be a lot more book-off later, this one was pretty small in comparison

After BOOK-OFF, I ended up with no battery left on both my phone and laptop, so I went home, while getting lost in Ikebukuro, and somehow managing to get home using the bus and the subways. I was so tired lol.

cat uhhh something?

In the evening, I went to a local japanese fastfood place, where you would order a food using a tablet attached to the table. I went pretty safe and just got some rice with chicken, which was pretty good for the price I think.

my food and my loot