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Day 0 of my Japan trip
329·8/4/2023, 2:41 PM

Hello everyone! These past 36 hours where absolutely crazy and fun for me. I'm truely physically tired, I need sleep, and apparently Japan uses a different electricity socket which I, unironically, didn't expect.

Nevertheless, I am doing fine, and everything went smoothly! Now, I will briefly go through my “day 0” of the trip, as it's probably not that interesting anyway.

First of all, the scenery that I saw on my way to the airport was just boring. I never really went outside of my city, and I wasn't interested in it anyways. However, surprise surprise, the south of Kazakhstan is mostly meadows, half-deserts, and hills turning into mountains.

For me it's pretty boring, but hey, maybe someone likes this

After being unfairingly overcharged for the taxi to the border, I would need to pass the border on foot with my huge bag I got. My internal introvert screams when I'm being attacked by all kinds of merchants and taxi drivers wanting my attention. 

For this reason, I simply skipped all taxi people and cash exchange booths, passed the border, and spent quite some time first getting my taxi app to accept credit cards, and only then finding an ATM to withdraw some sums (Uzbekistan's currency) and finally getting into taxi. Well, the general issue I found with my trip is that I planned and had idea about anything but the actual trip there, and so I didn't think much about taxis or transportation. I honestly don't know why.

Instead of my ramblings, look at these photos with more relevant stuff

I was not planning to stay in Uzbekistan at all, so I went straight to the airport, registered to the flight, and had only a great time afterwards! The new terminal of International Airport Tashkent has a duty free sections and some cafes, although I would wish for there would be more cooked food, but the sandwiches should be enough for most.

The airplane though… It's the best one i've been on for a long time! It was great to fly on a new airplane, the food was great, and the seats were very good, although sleeping on the airplane still doesn't work for me…

The Real Things you care about on your trip

I slept for only 2-3 hours at most, for which reason it still feels like one long day… I will catch up and keep you up to date in the following days hopefully!